Who are we?

Push Worcester is a cooperatively run not-for-profit community based organization in Worcester, MA working to increase access to skateboarding and support Worcester’s skate community to grow. We envision a city where everyone has access to the materials, infrastructure, and support to skate, where there is a strong, active, and inclusive skate scene. 


Why Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a practice that combines physical activity, creativity, spontaneity, and mental focus, leaving skaters with indescribable feelings of pride, confidence, excitement, and fulfillment. It can be an escape, an outlet for self-expression, a workout, a discipline, a sub-culture, or a chosen family. Skateboarding naturally builds intergenerational communities where skaters young and old share space, learn from each other, and learn about each other. Skating is not for everyone, but everyone should have the opportunity to see what skateboarding and the skate community have to offer them!


Push Worcester’s programs provide young people with free skate instruction and opportunities for creative expression, mentorship, leadership, community organizing, and employment. We commit to working alongside young people in all we do and aim to support youth to be leaders in our organization and skate scene!

Push It Forward

Push Worcester organizes a mutual-aid based system of collecting donations of used or new boards, gear, and other materials. We offer them back out to our community at no cost, no questions asked. Click below to coordinate a donation or request an item.

Events & Partnerships

Push Worcester organizes skate jams, skate clinics, art workshops, art shows, film screenings and more! We usually do this with our network of friends, artists, skateshops, and local community organizations. Have an idea for a public or private event, reach out!

Escape Winter

Feb 23-27, 2022

Past Skate Jams

& Block Parties

Art and Film

Skate and Create


Collaborations for Justice


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Push with us!

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Funding & Support

Push Worcester is fiscally sponsored by the Worcester Roots Project and is supported in part by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, the Worcester Arts Council, Recreation Worcester, YouthWorks/the Worcester Community Action Council, Redemption Rock Brewery, Eastern Boarder, plus individual donors and proceeds from our skate services. We greatly appreciate the funding and support that allows our work to push forward.

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