When you pay for a service from Push Worcester, your dollars go back into the community! The funds raised by your business will allow us to continue organizing free skate based youth programs and youth employment opportunities, supporting Worcester’s skate community to grow!


Private (1-on-1) or group lessons provide personalized hands on support meant to improve participants skate abilities and improve confidence on their board. Our experienced instructors are equipped to work with folks who have never stepped on a board to experienced skaters looking to advance their technique and trick selection.

Skate Jams

Skate jams are free open skate sessions at permanent or temporary skate spaces. Push Worcester can host skate jams in just about any size space and are happy to be creative. (2 hr minimum Includes skate obstacles set up/strike, borrow boards, and staff on site).

Skate Clinics

Skate clinics bring all the offerings of a skate jam but also include group and one on one instructional sessions and organized skate games meant to promote team building, skill development, and social-emotional learning. (2 hr minimum: Includes skate obstacles set up/strike, borrow boards, skate instruction and skate game facilitation, Push Worcester staff on site. Set rate can serve up to 30 skaters, pricing may change if group is larger.)

Birthday Parties

Ready for the most extreme birthday party on the block! Push Worcester can set up our pop-up skate park just about anywhere. We can provide boards and protective gear, plus skate instruction, skate games, and board art activities lead by experienced Push Worcester staff. (2 hr minimum: Includes skateboards, protective equipment, and obstacles, plus skate instruction and skate games lead by Push Worcester staff)

Skate Art Projects

Push Worcester hands on DIY arts workshops provide arts instruction and an encouraging atmosphere allowing participants to learn new skills and express themselves creatively. Workshops include board painting/collage, broken board sculpture, skate-able objects (fingerboard), skate-able objects (human size). Includes materials and arts instruction. Costs vary based on participants and materials.